We’re showcasing our support for marriage equality and want to share the results of events photographed and filmed here. The approach with everyone, including LGBT weddings, is to focus on collaboration. The emphasis for portrait posing is put on connection, without assuming heteronormative poses. Our focus is capturing your relationship as you express it. We’ll ask questions, seek and embrace feedback for what makes for the best experience for you. But mostly, we’re working quietly and diligently for the best results for everyone, while you focus on your important moments. All are welcome here.

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You call also view my wedding photography and video portfolios for a look at some of my favorites.

Scenic Rural Barn Wedding

A scenic rural barn wedding:  lake views from high angles, woodland ceremony, lanterns, silk curtains, pine bough covered walls and fireworks are featured in this wedding video.  I traveled to Vermont to produce this  wedding video reel for two longtime camp counselors on their September wedding in the town of Fairlee at Camp Lanakila. The ….Read More