Fun Wedding Photos at Sky Meadow Country Club

I photographed Amy and David’s wedding at Sky Meadow in Nashua at the beginning of June.  Still spring on the calendar, but late enough in the season to feel like a summer wedding, without the heat of August.  Amy and her dad jokingly hid their emotions from each other when he saw her in her wedding dress for the first time.

Dave and his friends are constantly joking around as well, making for a collection of fun wedding photos.  From his best man tossing the ring box (he had the rings in his hand) to Dave hamming it up with bridesmaids or eating cake on the dance floor while one of his groomsmen stole his wife away for a dance, they kept up the humor all evening.

As a nice tribute, Amy and her sister gave a speech in honor of their parents who were to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary exactly one month after the wedding.

The sisters also recreated a childhood photo of them together, posing the same way in their wedding attire.  I can’t explain how the pose came about, but it is kind of cute!

In Amy’s words:

He’s 6’4″, She’s 5’2″.
He’s lived all over the country, she was born and raised in the same house.
He’s the king of procrastinating, she’s the queen of planning.
He likes excitement, she likes routine.
He loves anything chocolate, she loves anything fruity.
He is a video game junkie, she is a television junkie.
With all these differences, there is one gigantic similarity that ties them together…
They are in love and each other’s best friend.


Dress- Marry & Tux in Nashua, NH
Officiant- Reverend Carolyn Mathis
Hair- Innovations Salon & Spa in Merrimack, NH
Limo- Stirling Coach
Linens- Perfect Parties

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