New Year’s Eve Wedding at Andover Country Club

When you think of having a plan for New Year’s Eve, having a great band, a lively party, good food, friends and family present makes for a good one.  When its your wedding, all the better.

Evidently guests arriving for their wedding were greeted by gifts of champagne at their hotel check-in.  Cause extra champagne to cap the night can’t hurt!

Stacy is Lebanese, and so their Eastern Catholic wedding ceremony featured a Maronite crowning.  After their wedding ceremony at St. Anthony’s in Lawrence, MA, they headed over to the Andover Country Club for the New Year’s Eve wedding party.

Their wedding band did a countdown to mark the new year and I was ready with the camera as the crowd let out a cheer at midnight!  Sometimes the end of a wedding is a slow trickle of people leaving, but this one had everyone present and anticipating the big celebratory moment!

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